TREZZO with DURA-last Proven to Deliver Superior Cost-benefits

TREZZO HS with DURA-last cost benefits

TREZZO HS with DURA-last cost benefits

TREZZO HS with Dura-last has demonstrated to reduce dynamic mattress use by 70%. The post-evaluation cost-benefit analysis undertaken by the Huddersfield University demonstrated a projected annual saving of £54,634.00, representing 80.4% reduction in expenditure across only 57 beds.

Our EHS team has been working hard and smart to improve patient outcomes reducing the overall incidence of pressure ulcers.

Can you imagine a world without pressure ulcers? That would be a wonderful reality but sadly, between one-in-four and one-in-five patients within an acute hospital will still be at risk of suffering from pressure ulcers (Posnett, 2009).

The National Safety Thermometer reported that in September 2019, 4.6% of reported patients had a pressure ulcer, compared with 4.0% at the end of 2017.

Many academics and practitioners concur that Healthcare providers’ choice should involve a multitude of factors, including recommendations through evidence-based research, financial issues and availability.

A systematic review conducted by McInnes et al. (2015) identified that patients placed on standard hospital foam mattresses had an increased likelihood of developing a pressure ulcer in comparison to those on a high specification foam or dynamic mattress.

TREZZO HS with DURA-last has proven to be a cost-effective way of reducing the likelihood of pressure ulceration in vascular and stroke patients.

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