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For you to be able to deliver the best possible care to patients, its vital you are kept safe and away from potential injury, that could result in you not being 100% well, or worse needing time off work to recover.

Deliver the best possible care to patients

The NHS spend approximately £200,000,000 per annum on the treatment of around 800,000 nurses who injure themselves each year, whilst delivering care. 3,600 nurses are forced into early retirement as a result of their injury1, or in some cases needing to stop delivering care to take a more administrative job function where it’s easier to manage the pain.

It is vital that we work together to make the essential difference in protecting you and your colleagues against potential harm when delivering care.  Without you, care cannot be delivered. This starts with having the right equipment, at the right time.  Equipment that is maintained to required regulations and is clean and functioning correctly and safely.

Solutions to help improve caregiver satisfaction:

Pressure Area Care

Our portfolio of pressure area care solutions helps to prevent pressure ulcers from developing and reduce the amount of patient transfers needed. Including solutions that help to reduce manual handing when caring for patients that rely on therapy to be protected from pressure ulcer development.

Safe Patient Handling

When it’s time to move or transfer patients, do it safely with the use of our safe patient handling solutions.  Our range of solutions can greatly reduce the risk of personal injury and harm to patients.

Bariatric Solutions (eBari™)

With a large increase in the number of plus size patients being admitted into hospital, and the need for supportive equipment at home or in a long term care facility, our eBari™ rental offering can help to protect you when caring for people of size.

Service and Maintenance (eServe™)

Nursing patients on medical equipment that is damaged and/or has an expired service date, can pose risks to you. Our vendor natural service delivery (eServe™), provides you with the confidence that all equipment is up to standard, so you can focus on what matters without hesitation.

Bed frames & Stretchers

Discover our bed frame and stretcher portfolio, that have been created to keep patients safe from the A&E through to the ICU.


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