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It is vital that the equipment used by caregivers to support patients performs as it should, serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s timelines and instruction, and is compliant with regulations such as LOLER and PUWER. If your equipment is maintained and serviced regularly, it will last longer, maximising your investment.

Equipment Longevity

To ensure the longevity of equipment solutions, it’s crucial for them to be cleaned and/or decontaminated in line with the manufacturers’ guidelines. Temperatures and chemicals that are not approved by the manufacturer can dramatically reduce the life span of certain components.

Here at Essential Healthcare we can work in partnership with you on a number of flexible service and decontamination contracts that provide different levels of equipment care, in line with available budgets.

We can also work in partnership in multiple care environments such as hospital and home care.

Solutions to protect our assets

Service and Maintenance (eServe™)

Nursing patients on medical equipment that is damaged and/or has an expired service date, can pose risks to you. Our vendor natural service delivery (eServe™), provides you with the confidence that all equipment is up to standard, so you can focus on what matters without hesitation.

Decontamination Service (eDecon™)

When decontaminating equipment within our purpose built state-of-the-art decontamination centre, we only use methods that are approved by the manufacturer. Meaning the chemicals and temperatures used will not affect the materials, ensuring the lifespan of the product.

Equipment Auditing (eAudit™)

eAudit™ by Essential Healthcare Solutions is a complimentary audit of your pressure area devices, bed frames and/or safe patient handling equipment.