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eAudit™ is a complimentary audit of your pressure area devices, bed frames and/or safe patient handling equipment.

Foam Checking

Audits play a crucial part in ensuring patients are kept safe and have a positive experience during their stay with you.

During an audit of equipment our experienced auditing team will analyse damage, age, and any other potential issues that could lead to patient/caregiver injury or possible routes for cross infection.  Once an audit is completed, a full condition report and an up to date asset list will be provided.

Why should pressure area care devices be audited?

Recent studies have provided growing evidence that damaged mattresses are of great concern, acting as reservoirs of pathogens. An infection control unit audit found that 44-71.4% of mattresses were positive to MRSA1.

Routine inspection, early identification and replacement of damaged mattresses are effective steps in controlling equipment associated infections.

Why should pressure area care device be audited?
Identifying foam

Over time with high use, some foam within mattresses lose hardness and firmness, this commonly occurs in areas where consistent weight has been applied.

This can impact skin integrity and put patients at higher risk of pressure ulcer development, impacting patient safety and potentially resulting in a longer length of stay.

Identifying foam that is not performing to the standard that is required for safe and effective pressure redistribution, can help towards reducing the risk of patients developing a hospital acquired pressure ulcer.

Over time with high use, some foams used within mattresses lose hardness and firmness.

How can we help?

With time and resources being limited due to increased hospital admissions and patients requiring more advanced treatment, audits naturally drop down the list of priorities. Our experienced, friendly team at Essential Healthcare will complete the audit for you.

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