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We are passionate about helping you to continuously improve through education, so that we can ensure the best care can be delivered by you to your patients within your care facility.

Our purpose built training facility at our head office allows you to get involved and work through clinical scenarios using our range of solutions. As well as practical workshops, we work with NHS Trusts, Health Boards and Local Authorities on the theory of subjects. Education sessions cover:

  • Pressure ulcer identification.
  • Pressure ulcer treatment.
  • Patient mobilisation.
  • The complications of immobility.
  • The moving and handling of a plus size patient.
  • Falls prevention.
  • How connected technology can assist with patient care.

Our courses can be delivered within our training centre, at your hospital, or at an off-site location near you.

All materials are created in partnership with healthcare professionals and can be used for revalidation.

In addition to clinical educational topics, we can also assist with business case planning workshops, to help you to secure funds for the purchase or rental of new equipment and outsourced service contracts.

If you would like to know more about how we can support you with education and training, please get in touch.

Educational topics


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