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With high quality vendor neutral service delivery, product solutions and decontamination facilities you can be confident in, together we can help to create a positive patient experience.

Create a positive patient experience

Patients should leave, feeling their stay with you was a successful and positive experience. Working together, we can create a positive patient experience, reducing the risk of further health complications such as pressure ulcer development or medical device related infection.

If a patient develops a hospital acquired pressure ulcer, this can increase their length of stay by an average of 5 days. The costs to treat a pressure ulcer range from £1,400 to £8,500, depending on the category of ulcer. With a category 3 or 4 pressure ulcer taking up to 8 months to heal and 10 months for an unstageable ulcer. The correct equipment used alongside repositioning protocols can greatly reduce the risk of pressure ulcer development, and potentially reduce the likelihood of increased lengths of stay.

In a hospital environment, damaged pressure area care support surfaces and surfaces that are not cleaned in line with manufacturers and infection control guidelines, can be a source of cross infection. Evidence shows that through an audit in 2008 44%-71.4% of mattresses swabbed contained MRSA, and 15 infections within intensive care units were linked back to contaminated mattresses (Li et al, 2021)1.

Our solutions to help protect patients:

Pressure Area Care

Discover our pressure area care solutions, for patients that have been clinically identified as moderate up to and including very high risk of pressure ulcer development.

Safe Patient Handling

Protect patients from falls or injuries associated with manually lifting.

Bariatric Solutions (eBari™)

eBari™ is our bariatric rental service that has been created to protect patients, caregivers and preserve dignity for plus sized patients within the hospital, home or long term care facility.

Service and Maintenance (eServe™)

Ensure assets are protected with our vendor neutral eServe™ service offering, ensuring the safety of patients being nursed on vital equipment.

Decontamination Service (eDecon™)

Our state-of-the-art decontamination facility and processes has been designed in partnership with you, ensuring the best standard is delivered every time, to protect patients from potential cross infection.

Equipment Audit Service (eAudit™)

Failing equipment can place patients at greater risk of pressure ulcers and/or infections. With eAudit™ we remove the burden of auditing the quality and performance of equipment, such as foam surfaces and safe patient handling solutions.

Bed Frames & Stretchers

Discover our bed frame and stretcher portfolio, that have been created to keep patients safe from the A&E through to the ICU.