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Integration of medical devices creates a new level of connectivity to deliver visually accurate and actionable data, that can enhance the patient and caregiver experience by enabling predictable patient care.

The healthcare environment is changing inside and outside the hospital and we rely on easy to read departmental specific data every day.  Giant steps forward have been made in recent years to improve infrastructure as result of government funding.

Connectable Medical Devices

Over recent years medical devices have the ability to collect and send actionable data which isn’t just local to the device its self.  As a result has multiple benefits to both the patient, caregiver and organisation.

Creating an efficient clinical workforce.
Certain automation of data reduces the administration burden for caregivers, resulting in less time associated with report and note writing, and more time at the bed side providing care.

Alarm fatigue is a problem within busy locations, how do you prioritise?

Connected devices can prioritise notifications, so critical requirements can be dealt with first. Notifications can be integrated into desktop and handheld devices.

Connectable Medical Devices
Patient safety

Patient Safety

Connectable medical devices tell you when something is wrong.  This may not just be related to the device itself.  Devices are set to deliver specific therapy to an individual patient, sometimes a therapy is accidently switched, if this happens without the correct permissions, the care team can react quicker to avoid patient harm.

Asset Management

Today, many assets are controlled by spreadsheets.  Connected devices can tell you where the device is located at any one time, making managing your assets much easier. Not only is location shared, performance data is also provided which speeds up fault diagnoses and helps to plan service intervals.

Asset Management
Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Pressure area care solutions are transforming rapidly, not only in clinical performance but in capturing and sending data. With poorly patients spending a lot of their time in bed, laying on a surface, this is a great platform to create a picture of the patient. Which can also help to remotely monitor patients that are requiring therapy at home.

Contact us for information on how we can transform what a pressure area care device delivers for your patients and caregivers.