• eRent – Right Patient, Right Solution, Right Time

    eRent solutions optimise the timely provision of the right support surface for the prevention and management of avoidable pressure ulcers – ensuring your patients receive the equipment they need – every time.

    Reducing the acquired incidence of avoidable pressure ulcers remains a key quality indicator for all healthcare providers. As healthcare providers strive to continuously to deliver the highest standards of safe and effective care, we understand the operational and financial challenges faced in meeting complex clinical needs and managing the increasing acuity of an ever-changing patient population.

    Our collective experience in providing rental solutions has taught us that there is no single solution which will meet the requirements of each UK Healthcare provider and that the continuing challenge of managing capital and operational budgets remains a key consideration.

    Essential Healthcare are able to provide tailored rental solutions to meet the specific needs of your organisation. eRent solutions will always ensure the flexibility to meet seasonal fluctuations in demand and the ability to incorporate new advancements in support surface technology.

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  • eRent – Around the Clock Support and Commitment

    Delivery of our eRent tailored solutions is fully supported 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our dedicated team of customer service advisors, technicians, clinical advisors and regional managers ensuring our valued customers have around the clock support for the patients in their care.

    Throughout the day, throughout the night, throughout the year

    Our network of Service Centres, our operational and contract management processes ensure the constant availability of equipment for our valued eRent customers. Our regional management team ensure that the service level agreement for each valued customer is consistently met.

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  • eRent – Risk Management and Traceability

    We manage the risk for you, delivering equipment which has been thoroughly decontaminated, serviced and functionally inspected. Our decontamination facilities and processes (eDecon) have been designed and developed to ensure that Essential Healthcare deliver equipment that is safe and suitable for patient use - every time.

    Tell me about e-Decon

    RFID technology is incorporated within our entire support surface rental fleet. Every rental asset is scanned at each stage of the rental journey:


    RFID technology provides complete asset history relating to Rental Episodes, Decontamination History & Service History.
    Importantly, each rental episode is controlled by RFID ensuring that the rental period ends at the point of collection, reducing overcharging and costly credit management often associated with rentals.

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  • eRent online – Simple, Intuitive and Transparent

    eRent online – a simple, intuitive online system enabling staff to order, transfer, report a breakdown and cancel a rental in just a few clicks.
    Rental equipment availability via eRent online will of course, be tailored to the specifics of each eRent contract and will incorporate authorisation protocols, where required, to facilitate improved management and control.

    Rental activity and history can be viewed in real time for trend and usage analysis by key staff and is reported at all levels of the organisation. Data will form the basis for our account management and clinical advisors to agree pro-active training, education and management initiatives to support appropriate utilisation in accordance with organisational policies to improve budgetary control.

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  • eRent –Pro-active Contract Management Commitment

    We are proud to support our valued customers to meet the challenges they face every day in reducing avoidable pressure ulcers, preventing cross infection and improving equipment safety and availability – we acknowledge our responsibility which we take very seriously.

    The multidisciplinary team at Essential will pro-actively work to ensure that our eRent solutions continuously meet the operational and clinical demands for the entire contract term. Contract review meetings will provide the forum for us to understand completely any changes that are faced and collectively we will identify and agree the solutions to be implemented.

    We are committed to complete openness and transparency and would actively encourage performance management indicators to be reviewed regularly as our intent is to meet and wherever possible exceed your expectations.

    Our team are passionately committed to the consistent delivery of our promises, understanding that we are supporting our customers in improving clinical outcomes, patient care and safety.

    Knowing this motivates each one of us, in all that we do, every day.

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