• eAudit – Equipment Risk Management Information

    At Essential Healthcare we understand the challenges associated with equipment management and the importance of knowing that equipment is safe and available for use is essential to deliver the highest standards of patient care safely by your staff. Identifying and quantifying that equipment is safe for use, being used correctly and in accordance with your policies is a sizeable task. To support our valued customers eAudit has been developed to provide invaluable management information within a comprehensive report tailored to individual requirements.

    eAudit provides comprehensive information relating to the specification & functionality, quantity, age & condition and utilisation of the equipment that our valued customers rely on every day. eAudit comprehensively identifies and quantifies equipment that may need replacement, providing valuable information to develop product provision and purchasing plans in line with clinical need.

    Proactively, eAudit results often identify staff training needs associated with equipment utilisation, cleaning and handling may extend equipment life following the implementation of a training plan, saving valuable resources.

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  • eAudit – Audit Solutions

    Our experienced team will work with you to identify the right eAudit solution to meet your specific requirements. The team will support each stage of the eAudit to ensure that minimal disruption is caused and your objectives are met in full.


    Pre-Audit - Assessment of Requirements

    Audit Communication Plan

    Implementation of Audit including Asset Assessment & Data Collection

    Post Audit Evaluation & Development of Action Plans


    Mattress Condition Analysis

    Mattress Management Analysis

    Support Surface Utilisation Analysis

    Asset Condition Analysis

    Asset Database Development

    Working in partnership we are able to develop a scheduled eAudit plan of relevant eAudits in order to achieve compliance with CQC regulations. Additionally, ensuring that your equipment, essential for delivering high standards of patient care, is safe, suitable and ready for use each and every time.
    To discuss your specific requirements with the eAudit Team contact us today.

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