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The range of slide sheets from Essential Healthcare have been designed to protect caregivers from injury when completing basic moving and handling tasks.

These tasks may include repositioning patients within the bed (vertically and horizontally), turning patients, helping to rotate a patient to the edge of the bed to egress, or to aid sling insertion and removal.

The use of slide sheets can also protect the patient from developing pressures ulcers caused by sheer.  Slide sheets can protect vulnerable areas of the patient such as the heels when moving and handling tasks are carried out by a caregiver, whilst also maintaining patient comfort and dignity.

Slide Sheet Range

Ultra Slide Sheets (Washable)

The Ultra Slide sheet has been designed to protect both patients and caregivers when basic moving and handling tasks are completed. The tubular design means that only one sheet is needed to be used. There are multiple sizes available which can cover the bed, with small sizes available to protect certain areas such as the heels or sacrum. Each slide is colour coded for easy identification and are washable.

The standard, long, compact and wide are used for side ways movement and the maxi and maxi plus are designed for up and down movements. Ideal single solution for repositioning patients within the bed or allowing for an easy patient rotation to sit on the side of the bed.


  • Material: Nylon
  • Sizes: Standard 122cm x 71cm, Long 145cm x 71cm, Wide 122cm x 100cm, Compact 72cm x 70cm
  • Sold in single units
  • Washable at 71C
Ultra Slide Sheets (Washable).

Flat Sheets (Washable)

The Flat Sheet has been designed as an alternative to using a tubular slide sheet such as the Ultra Slide Sheet. The Flat Sheet has a number of handles, which can be used to manoeuvre the sheet left, right, up or down the bed, resulting in repositioning the patient without sheer to the skin. Extension straps* can be attached to the handles to increase reach and can be used for lateral transfers e.g. from trolley to bed. The Flat Sheet can be used as a folded single sheet, or in pairs,  providing the same low friction results achieved with the Ultra Slide Sheet.


  • Material: Nylon
  • Sizes: Standard 200cm x 71cm, Wide 200cm x 90cm
  • Sold in single units
  • Washable at 71C

*Extension Straps sold separately.

Flat Sheets (Washable).

Eco-Glide (Patient Specific)

The Eco-Glide slide sheet is a low friction patient specific slide sheet, that arrives in a 50 unit dispenser. The Eco-Glide can be used in pairs, or folded to create a low friction environment for the movement of patients. The Eco-Glide is a perfect solution for a hospital setting to reduce the risk of cross infection.  The Eco-Glide sheet is disposed of when no longer needed, damaged or soiled.


  • Size: 190cm x 75cm
  • Material: Silicone coated 60g polyester
  • Unit of Issue: 50 units
Eco-Glide (Patient Specific).

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