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Portable ceiling track motors offer the same advantages of a fixed ceiling track hoist.

They are also easily installed and removed from the track, which can be helpful in long term care facilities, where many rooms can be equipped with tracking, and a single motor can be moved from room to room when needed.  This can help with budget control and increase motor utilisation.

Savaria Monarch Portable Ceiling Track Hoist

The Savaria Monarch portable ceiling lift is designed from the ground up for simplicity and purpose. It’s thoughtful design meets the daily needs for the user and caregiver.  This version of motor can be installed and removed from the track, making it possible to utilise the same motor in multiple rooms within a long term care facility.

The Savaria Monarch portable ceiling track hoist is available with safe working loads of 130kg and 200kg. The Sure clip system provides a safe connection between sling bar and sling. Leading battery technology with multiple charging methods creates a reliable solution for daily activities to be completed.

Savaria Monarch Portable Ceiling Track Hoist

Liko Multirall

The Liko Multirall is a great solution for motors that are not in constant use, within a home care or long term care facility.  When not in the use, the motor can be easily removed from the track and stored until it is required.  This helps to control install costs and helps with motor utilisation.

The Multirall has a safe working load of 200kg and can be equipped with a quick release sling bar, which allows for a swift change of sling bar or weighing scales to be connected if required.