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With more plus size patients requiring equipment to remain mobile within the hospital, home or a long term care facility, it’s more important than ever to have the correct ceiling track design.

Our ceiling tracks are designed specifically for bariatric patient safe working loads to ensure plus size patients can be transferred from the bed, helping to maintain health, dignity and quality of life. Here at Essential Healthcare, we have options to ensure plus size patients can be mobilised whilst protecting caregivers when these tasks need to be completed.

Savaria Fixed Bariatric Ceiling Track Hoist

The Savaria portable ceiling lift was designed from the ground up for simplicity and purpose. It’s thoughtful design meets the daily needs for the user and caregiver. This version of motor is designed to be added and removed from the track, making this a possible solution to utilise the same motor in multiple rooms within a long term care facility.

The Savaria Fixed Bariatric Ceiling Track Hoist is available with safe working loads of 363kg, 454kg and 544kg, and these are achieved with a single motor. The motor also features a powered 4 point sling bar, that can electronically reposition the patient inclined, reclined and also rotate the patient 360 degrees. The Sure clip system ensures for a safe connection between sling bar and sling. Leading battery technology with multiple charging methods creates a reliable solution for daily activities to be completed.

Liko UltraTwin Ceiling Track Hoist

Utilising two Likorall 242 or Likorall 250 motors a 400kg or 500kg safe working load can achieved. Both motors are mounted on either a twist plate or twist plate wide, to set the distance between the two motors. The twist plate will also allow the motors to rotate 360 degrees. The motors can be raised & lowered together or independently to achieve an incline or recline patient position, greatly reducing manual handling for the caregiving team.

Bariatric Ceiling Track Hoists