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There are two versions of the lateral turning surface available; a 90cm version with a safe working load of 250kg, the LT250, and a 120cm version with a safe working load of 450kg, the LT450.

Both surfaces are suitable for use in hospital, home or long term care facility and are indicated for patients who have been identified as very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer.

With 20, 2 chamber, split, figure of 8 cells the patients body weight is distributed over a larger surface area, proving support and comfort for patients in a variety of positions. If the patient moves or the bed is repositioned the surface will automatically adjust cell pressures to maintain patient support and comfort.

Alternating Low Pressure and Continuous Low Pressure Therapies

Continuous Low Pressure and Low Air Loss Therapies

  • The surface defaults to Continuous Low Pressure (CLP) therapy.
  • In low air loss mode, air circulated between the cells and top cover, provides a more comfortable experience for your patient.
  • Simple and intuitive control unit interface.
  • Choice of 4 cycle times; 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes.
Adjustable Turn and Hold

Adjustable Turn and Hold

  • The patient turn assist solution, gently and gradually turns the patient in side-line from 7˚ to 35˚ smoothly and consistently.
  • Forces needed to achieve a higher degree of turn are far less compared to turning from the supine position, providing safer patient handling for personal care or patient repositioning.
  • Pressure remains constant and is evenly distributed down the patients side, reducing the need for patient handling.
Patient Centred Care

Patient Centred Care

  • Ten adjustable patient comfort settings increase or decrease the overall firmness of the surface.
  • Turn angle and time spent in turn can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the patient.
  • During turning, side bolsters protect patients from contact with the side rails, ensuring safety and comfort.
  • Side bolsters also reduce the risk of entrapment and falling out of bed.
Air Circulation to Manage Microclimate

Air Circulation to Manage Microclimate

  • Cool air is circulated between the cells and top cover via air holes in the side tubing. Helping to manage patient microclimate.
  • Microclimate management reduces the risk of moisture associated skin damage (MASD).
  • Reducing heat build up provides a more comfortable experience for the patient.
Continuously improving our solutions by using data collected and customer feedback

Automatic Cell Pressure

  • Pressure within the cells automatically adjusts to the patient’s weight, posture and bed position.
  • This technology ensures the optimal pressure to provide correct patient immersion and pressure redistribution.
  • Pressure is re-evaluated every 10 minutes to account for any changes in patient position.


  • Risk level: Very High
  • Safe Working Load: up to 250kg
  • Surface Dimensions: L 2003mm x W 900mm x H 200mm
  • Surface Weight: 10.1kg
  • Number of cells: 20
  • Cover Material: PU coated polyester
  • High frequency welded seams
  • Control Unit Dimensions: L 370mm x W 140mm x H 250mm
  • Control Unit Weight: 6.2kg
  • Warranty: 2 years (surface & cover)
  • 8 hour transport mode
  • Static head section
  • Seat position inflate – for additional sacral support
  • Cable management
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