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In complex healthcare environments, hospitals face many challenges such as taking care of patient safety, enhancing patient experience and improving workforce efficiencies.

CuroCell A4® is an automatic air mattress system offering a comfortable surface for patients, whilst saving time and resources in the prevention of pressure ulcers.

  • There are 22 cells offering support and comfort to patients in a variety of positions.
  • Patient safety is assured with a cell on cell construction and mattress sub base which is sealed when power is lost preventing the mattress from “bottoming out”.
  • 3 Therapies in 1 System: CuroCell A4®incorporates 3 therapeutic modes with the choice of 4 cycle times.
  • A smart and intuitive control unit helps to ensure patient safety and comfort with minimal healthcare professional intervention.
  • Mattress deflate function – Pack & Go™ gently deflates the surface for rolling, transport and storage.
3 in 1

3 Therapies in 1

  • Choose from Alternating Mode, Continuous Low Pressure Mode or Pulsation.
  • In pulsation mode, cells are not completely filled or emptied resulting in lower peak pressures and less movement in the surface.
  • When used in alternating mode with the bed profiled, the control unit will automatically change to Pulsation to mitigate the high inflation pressures required to support the patient in a seated position. This helps to protect vulnerable pressure areas and optimise patient comfort and safety.
Alternating Low Pressure and Continuous Low Pressure Therapies

Auto Response Technology

  • CuroCell A4® continuously detects and monitors changes in patient posture and position and responds by re-adjusting pressures across the surface.
  • Air Flow Control™ provides a constant temperature and increased user comfort by reusing the air in the cells, which also reduces electricity consumption and noise.
  • Choice of 4 cycle times; 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes.
Auto Firm

Max Firm

  • Fully inflates the cells to provide a firmer surface for patient repositioning, egress and ingress or care procedures.
  • Defaults to the previous therapy after 20 minutes.
  • Can be cancelled at any time by pressing the Max Firm button.
Pack & Go™

Pack & Go™

  • Pack & GO™ simplifies deflation.
  • After use, select the Pack & GO™ button which gently removes the air from the surface using the control unit.
  • Staff can easily pack the surface away, avoiding the need to manually squeeze the air out of used and contaminated surfaces.


  • Risk level: Very High
  • Safe Working Load: up to 250kg
  • Surface Dimensions: L 2000mm x W 900mm x H 200mm
  • Surface Weight: 11kg
  • Number of cells: 22
  • Cover Material: PU coated polyester
  • High frequency welded seams
  • Control Unit Dimensions: L 110mm x W 300mm x H 200mm
  • Control Unit Weight:2.9kg
  • Pump noise level: 20dBA at operator position (18dBA at head end in accordance with BS EN ISO11201:2010
  • IP classification: IP42
  • Electrical classification: Class II, Type BF
  • Supply voltage: 100-240 VAC. 50-60/HZ qq
  • Warranty: 2 years (surface & cover)
  • Static head section
  • Cable management
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