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Helping you to protect your patients that require additional therapy when nursed on trollies.

The ATO130 alternating trolley overlay surface is a solution for patients that have been identified up and including very high risk of developing pressure ulcers and weighing up to 130kg.

The ATO130, is a system that allows you to easily step up patients that are nursed on a trolley to an alternating therapy system, either within your emergency department or other short stay locations within an acute care environment.

  • Alternating therapy, working at 10 minute cycle times.
  • Adjustable patient comfort settings.
  • Designed to fit onto the majority brands of trolley’s / stretchers.
Alternating Low Pressure and Continuous Low Pressure Therapies

Alternating Low Pressure and Continuous Low Pressure Therapies

  • Offering 1 in 2 cell cycle, operating 10 minute intervals.

Transport Mode

  • Easily set-up by detaching the air supply tubing from the control unit and attaching the transport cap.
  • The surface will remain inflated for up to 8 hours ensuring pressure redistribution is provided when transportation is required.
  • Can also be activated during a power outage to ensure the patient continues to remain safe.
Cable Management

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  • Cable management running the full length of the surface, to help with reducing trip hazards and cross infection risks.
Patient Care

Patient Care

  • Adjustable comfort setting so that the surface can become firmer or softer, so that you can find the patient’s optimal comfort level.
Secure Strap Icon

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  • Securing straps placed at the end and foot end of the surface, to help with the surface remaining stable on top of the foam underlay.


  • Risk Level: Very High
  • Safe Working Load: 130kg
  • Surface Dimensions: L 195cm W 75cm H 5cm
  • Control Unite Dimensions: L 24cm W 11cm H 8cm
  • Control Unit Weight: 1kg
  • Cover Material: PU Coated Polyester
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Cable management
  • 8 hour transport mode
  • Welded seams
  • Machine washable cover at 95 degrees
  • 10,000PPM chlorine solution for wipe clean
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