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The last few years have been some of the most unpredictable for hospitals for generations.


This has meant hospitals have needed to up and down scale the number of beds and surfaces required. We believe this will continue to be the case, even more so during seasonal pressures.

Capital funding for new products is becoming much harder to secure, but this should not be a block to accessing the solutions your patients clinically require. Renting provides the correct solutions, at the right time, to the right place.

eRent from Essential Healthcare Solutions provides you with the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of products available, without the need to secure capital equipment funding.

Why Rent?

There are many reasons why renting equipment may be the best option for your organisation…

  • Needing volume variance.
  • No capital funding available.
  • No desire to own equipment fleet.
  • Special solution needed quickly for an individual patient.
  • Solutions are only required for a short period of time.
Why Rent?
Why use eRent™ by Essential Healthcare Solutions

Why use eRent™ by Essential Healthcare Solutions?

We can offer you flexible solutions so that you can get it right for your patients.

  • Available stock across multiple locations so we can react quickly to your patient needs.
  • Fully decontaminated and serviced equipment delivered every time.
  • 24/7 clinical and technical advice available.
  • Training delivered on site when equipment is delivered.
  • A range of delivery times available based on urgency.
  • Equipment delivered to location you specify.
  • Accurate invoicing to ensure you are in control of spending.
  • Full usage reports sent at regular intervals, agreed by you.
  • Equipment is RFID tagged and fully traceable, providing peace of mind.

What is available to you for rent from Essential Healthcare Solutions.

Dynamic Surfaces

eBari™ Bariatric Equipment Rental