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Enable care within short stay locations.

When a patient enters your hospital, the first platform they are nursed and assessed on, is a stretcher.  The stretcher of choice should provide safety to your patients and caregivers. With medical procedures being completed at the patients first stop within the hospital, its extremely important your stretcher enables care in the same way as a bed frame, safely for both the patient and caregiver.

The One Day stretcher is for patients that require care in short stay locations, such as accident and emergency, dialysis units, assessment units, and more. With its fully electronic operation and ergonomic design, the One Day stretcher is the perfect solution for short stay patients within your facility, but bring medical bed solutions to your stretcher.

Fully Electronic Operation

The One Day Stretcher is fully electrical so every position can be achieved without manual effort, reducing the risk of injury.

Battery Back-up

The One Day Stretcher can operate on battery only, in case of an emergency and during patient transport, or if the patient is located in a area without power sockets.

Full Range of Positions

The One Day Stretcher can be placed into a full range of positions including Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg and cardiac, improving the comfort and safety of your patients.

Removable Head and Foot Boards

Gain fast access to your patients’ airway by removing the head board.  The footboard can also be removed as a potential evacuation escape route in case of an emergency.

Dual Motion

Back and knee sections raise together to reduce patient migration.

Manual and Electronic CPR

Providing the safest option for you and your patient.

2 Accessory Ports

For IV poles, traction kits and oxygen cylinders for when on the move.

Choice of Controls

There is a choice of how the One Day Stretcher is controlled during the configuration stage. Options include patient controls or patient controls and caregiver controls.

Ergonomic Push/Pull Handles

Push and pull handles located at the head and foot section of the One Day Stretcher, provide clinical and portering staff a safe location to move the stretcher through your department and facility.


The One Day Stretcher can be extended to accommodate and improve comfort of your taller patients.

Fifth Wheel as Standard

The fifth wheel on the One Day Stretcher helps to improve moveability within areas with reduced space.

Location for Patients Belongings

Dedicated location to hang patient belongings, so bags are not a trip hazard within busy locations.


  • Maximum overall dimensions 199cm / 217cm x 89.5cm
  • Mattress platform dimensions: 184cm x 71cm
  • Mattress platform dimensions at maximum extension: 202cm x 71cm
  • Mattress platform height: 40cm – 83cm
  • Backrest inclination: 0° – 70°
  • Knee-break inclination: 0° – 30°
  • Leg-rest inclination (as against the horizontal): -16° to 11°
  • Trendelenburg/reverse-trendelenburg inclination: +17°/- 17°
  • Stretcher weight (without accessories): 145 kg
  • Safe working load: 260 kg
  • Degree of protection: IPX4
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