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The Delta 4 bed frame is a single multi configurable bed frame platform and is the perfect solution for more than 80% of your hospital.

The Delta 4 platform has been designed to be simple yet effective in enabling safe care and continued patient mobilisation.

The Delta 4 has all the technology required to become an extension of your team, with solutions that can aid tasks that need to be completed by nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and more in your wards including High Dependency Units.

  • Dual motion best rest and knee section
  • Auto back rest regression
  • In bed x-ray facility
  • Optional weigh scales
  • Optional bed exit technology

Weigh Scale

Capture an accurate patient weight at the touch of a button. The patients’ weight data is sent directly to the patients’ electronic record. With multiple saved weights, its also very easy to track any trends in your patients’ weight.


The back rest is raised on the Delta 4, it extends underneath your patient providing more room for your patients sacral section, this technology partnered with the automatic raising of the knee section, keeping your patient stable, reduces migration to the foot end of the bed.

Bed Exit Alarm Technology

Be made aware when fall risk patients attempt to leave the Delta 4 unsupported, the alarm can be also be sent directly to your nursing station, so you can react and prevent a potential fall.

Brake Alarm

Be notified that the brakes on Delta 4 have been left disengaged, this is heard local to the bed frame, and also sent to nursing the station when Delta 4 is connected.

Manual & Electronic CPR

Providing the safest option for you and your patient.

Removable Head and Foot Boards

Gain fast access to your patients air way by removing the head board on Delta 4. The footboard can also be removed as a potential evacuation escape route in case of an emergency.

4 Accessory Ports

For IV pole, traction kits and oxygen cylinders for when on the move.

X-Ray Cassette Holder

Simply slide your x-ray cassette into the head section of the Aria to complete in bed thoracic x-rays.

Underbed Light

The under bed light on Delta 4 will change from amber to green when set at its lowest height. The under bed light will also illuminate the floor, so patients can exit safety in a darkened room.

Choice of Controls

There is a choice of how the bed is controlled during the configuration stage. These options include integrated controls into the side rails, patient hand and foot end pendant, so you can choose what is most appropriate for your patients and caregivers.


  • Maximum overall bed dimensions (with side rails): 223cm x 99cm
  • Maximum overall bed dimensions (without side rails): 223cm x 98cm
  • Mattress support platform dimensions: 200cm x 88cm, suitable for the use of mattresses compatible with the type of side rail accessory chosen (in compliance with UNI CEI EN 60601-2-52)
  • Mattress support platform height (with 125 mm diameter wheels): min. 40cm – max 79cm
  • Backrest inclination: 63°
  • Upper leg inclination: 30°
  • Total lower leg excursion: 20°
  • Trendelenburg/reverse-Trendelenburg inclination: +16°/- 16°
  • Bed weight (with headboard and footboard, without side rails): 125kg – 150kg (specification dependent)
  • Safe working load: 300kg
  • Degree of protection: IPX4
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