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A universal portfolio of bed frames for all area’s of your hospital.

Patients that arrive at your facility will require different levels of care based on multiple factors. That is why it’s extremely important that your hospital bed supplier can provide a bed frame for different patient acuity levels, patient sizes, and the different locations within the hospital.

Our bed frames manufactured by Malvestio, Italy is a universal bed frame platform that is suitable for low to high acuity levels suitable for all acute care environments.

with close attention to design of the bed platform supports patient and caregiver safety, as well as helping to improve patient outcomes.

Bed Frames

Explore our range of bed frames.

Talent Bed Frame.

The Talent bed frame helps to protect children below 146cm in height and adults with atypical anatomy from entrapment and ligature risks. The Talent bed is fully compliant to the standard BS EN 50637:2017. Foam and dynamic surface options are available to fit the Talent bed frame dimensions, helping to protect children or adults from pressure ulcer development. Easy to use, the Talent bed frame is the perfect solution for patient safety and compliance to standards.

Delta 4 Bed Frame.

The Delta 4 bed frame portfolio is a universal bed solution that spans across your short stay locations, medical/surgical departments and into your high dependency areas. You have the choice of multiple configurations so that you can design a bed frame specification to meet your needs and the needs of your patients’ within the most appropriate care settings.

Aria Bed Frame.

The Aria bed meets the requirements of your most vulnerable patients within the ICU & HDU. With programmable lateral tilt it can help to reduce respiratory risks in addition to reducing the strain on caregivers completing moving and handling tasks, with the most dependent of patients. The Aria bed frame can support your most dependable patients to get moving sooner, as well has helping with enhancing caregiver workflow with its inbuilt technology.

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