Powered Hybrid TREZZO HS advance hybrid mattress with TREZZO foam technology. Stepping up to active pressure relieving therapy takes just minutes reducing patient risk and saving valuable nursing time. TREZZO foam technology uniquely combines an open cell structure with graphene to deliver a superior reduction of peak pressures and a significant improvement in patient microclimate to support pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, increasing patient comfort and safety. Published Independent Clinical Evaluations have demonstrated that TREZZO foam technology significantly (70%) reduced the use of dynamic systems. It is, therefore, reasonable to assume the need to step up to active hybrid therapy may be reduced. TREZZO HS powered hybrid™ features 3 independent zones for the Head, Torso foam in air cells and the Heel shield foam in air cells with full depth TREZZO foam optimising protection of the vulnerable heel area. TREZZO HS powered hybrid™ is available with Pro-tec 5™ or DURA-last™ cover technology with both covers featuring a 360 º zip, are multi-stretch and vapour permeable, have extra deep zip flaps and are compatible with chlorine-releasing agents 10,000ppm and 95° wash temperatures. DURA-last™ cover provides added mattress protection for the more challenging healthcare environments. Additional layers provide increased robustness to prevent cover failure due to mechanical or chemical damage increasing mattress life and reducing replacement costs. Tell me more about the Science of TREZZO.