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It’s been a busy 6 months for the team here at Essential Healthcare with the launch of a total of 6 new dynamic surfaces, added to the portfolio to help with enhance patient outcomes within the hospital, home or long term care facility.

This now provides a very different offering to customers and patients, compared to the range available 6-8 months ago. With an emphasis on increasing the levels of technology we can offer, as technology moves on, we as a business aim to move with it, or risk being left behind in a very competitive marketplace. What’s even more important, is that patients are nursed on the correct surface to meet their needs, and we must offer choice to meet the demands of the different healthcare environments.

Our main focus was to ensure value for money. We know how hard it can be to get budget approved for new equipment and in addition to our goal of improving outcomes and safety, we didn’t want to do this at an unrealistic price point, which we believe we have achieved.

Our new dynamic portfolio now offers systems with auto weight technology, alternating low pressure, continuous low pressure, low air loss therapy and lateral turning, with some variants available with foam bases, providing extra safety in the home in case of power failure.

We are really excited to be out and about in hospitals, equipment loan stores and nursing homes, showcasing what can be achieved with our new portfolio.