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Delivering an environmentally sustainable healthcare system is a NHS target. With the promise to be net zero by 2040, with milestones to be met between now and then.

To deliver on these promises, the NHS will be required to partners with sustainable businesses that take this topic seriously. Here at Essential Healthcare sustainability is a corner stone of our business promise. We focus on how we can best support the NHS to be carbon neutral and ensure the world is a safe place for our children’s, children.

Car charging

Here are a few ways we have reduced our carbon footprint over recent times.

Longer lasting

Evidence that our products last longer, greatly reducing waste being sent to landfill. We also utilise U.K. manufacturing where possible, to reduce the miles our products travel.

Electric vehicles

Fully electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle fleet.

Renewable Energy

Our head office and decontamination centres are solar powered.

Journey Planner

Our service teams have their journeys planned for them, resulting in reduced inappropriate mileage being covered.


All our buildings are insulated and accredited with an AA energy rating, which results in efficient cooling and heating.

Smart Lighting

All our buildings are equipped with motion sensor lighting, reducing inappropriate energy use.

Recycle Scheme

We are committed to recycling all appropriate waste. We use decontamination bags that are manufactured using 30% recycled plastics.

Responsibly sourced icon

We are committed to sourcing responsibly.  It is vital our suppliers are as committed as we are in creating an environmentally sustainable future. This is captured via our quality management process.