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Keeping people safe, together.

To keep people safe together, we focus on working in partnership in key area’s.

Creating a Positive Patient Experience

With high quality service delivery, product solutions and decontamination facilities, you can be confident that together we are helping towards a positive patient experience.

Improving Caregiver Satisfaction

Making your life easier by working together to deliver clinically effective product solutions, that are maintained and decontaminated to the highest standards, so you can focus on what matters.

Equipment Longevity

Reduce asset down time and ensure compliance to regulations with our vendor neutral service and maintenance packages.

Environmental & Social

Developing sustainable solutions with reduced carbon footprints to minimise environmental impact, protecting the world for our children’s children.

Our Values.

Pacts LR

Our Mission.

It’s our mission to create the next generation of connected technology, to provide our partners greater patient and device visibility, so that accurate data lead decisions can be made easily to improve patient outcomes.

“Welcome to Essential Healthcare Solutions (EHS), where innovation thrives! A proud recipient of the Queen's Award for Innovation, EHS is committed to elevating patient and caregiver safety. Our cutting-edge products, services, and state-of-the-art cleaning and decontamination exemplify our dedication. The horizon is brimming with excitement as we delve into connected care through groundbreaking devices. None of this would be achievable without our exceptional team – a beacon of dedication and inspiration. Join us on this thrilling journey into a technology and data-led future.”

Thomas Owens, Chairman